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Choosing the Best Harley Davidson Parts

Posted by Mike Rosenfeld on

Harley Davidson is one of the most famous brands of motorcycles in the world.  Their brand embodies the very essence of personal freedom and innovation motorcyclists and enthusiasts from around the world seek.  As the reigning king of all things motorcycles, finding Harley Davidson motorcycle salvage parts online isn’t hard. It’s making sure you choose high quality and authentic Harley Davidson parts online that can prove to be tricky. If you’re not familiar with motorcycle parts, here we explain how to choose the best Harley Davidson parts for your bike.

The Importance of Genuine Harley Davidson Motorcycle Parts
Harley Davidson motorcycles are true works of American craftsmanship. In order to ensure you are getting the most efficiency out of your Harley Davidson, it is important to choose only authentic and genuine pieces for your bike. Their parts are manufactured under strict guidelines and quality standards that imitation pieces fail to achieve.

In addition to performance, authentic Harley Davidson pieces are designed to reflect the brand and appearance of the bike.  Genuine replacement parts ensure the bike retains its value possibly increasing the value further.

Guaranteeing the Authenticity of the Harley Davidson Parts
There are a few easy ways to tell your Harley Davidson motorcycle part is authentic.

  • Logo: For authentic parts, you can find either the shield and bar logo, wings and bar logo, or just the words. The iconic Harley Davidson logo can be found in one of two locations. For smaller parts, you can find the logo on the rear. For larger parts, the number is attached to a small plate. The only exception to this rule is for extremely small parts (valves, cam rings, etc).
  • Part Number: Many of the modern day Harley Davidsons are cataloged with a part number. Every part manufactured by Harley Davidson for Harley Davidson bikes has a registered part number, some of which are directly stamped on the back and not engraved on a plate. This not only ensures the part is authentic, but makes replacement easy.
Buying Used Harley Davidson Motorcycle Parts
Although new parts have their advantages, buying motorcycle salvage parts online from a licensed dealer can have its benefits as well.  Used parts are less susceptible to duping. Additionally, many licensed motorcycle parts sellers use keep their parts in great condition. Buying used parts online can get you a great piece and save you a lot of money in the long run.

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