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The Importance of Motorcycle Maintenance Part II

Posted by Mike Rosenfeld on

Maintaining your brakes regularly is a key point in motorcycle care. If your brakes are not up to standard it could result in a very dangerous situation for you and other people on the road. Here are the basics;

You must check your brake fluid routinely. Your motorcycle can have up to two brake fluid reservoirs.  There should be one for the front and one for the back. When topping off your fluid only do so from a new bottle.

Checking your brake pads should also be done regularly. You will be checking for thickness. Allowing too much wear, resulting in thin pads can cause damage to your brake disc. Discs can be expensive to replace. Always check your local salvage yard or online at to find used discs in road worthy condition. This can save you time and money.

Regulatory checking and changing your oil is of high importance. Routinely check your oil level to make sure it is at its max. Do this while your bike is standing at a level position. It is never good to have your oil too high or too low.

Here are some oil change tips: 

- The bike must be in a level position 
- Always check the oil before you ride so it is not hot.
- Do not screw threaded dipstick in when checking oil level
- High temperatures, speeds, and heavy traffic are just a few examples of conditions that soil your oil and give to cause to check more frequently 
- It is suggested that your oil be changed every 3-6 months
- If you are using a quality filter it is recommended to change it every other oil change
- Always use a quality filter
- Always use the recommenced oil weight for your particular bike


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