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History of the Suzuki GSXR GSX-R

Posted by Mike Rosenfeld on

Suzuki came out with its first GSXR in 1984.  Suzuki launched the GSXR750 to compete with the Honda VFR750 Interceptor.  In 1986 Suzuki came out with the 130 horsepower Suzuki GSXR1100.  The third generation introduced a water-cooled engine to the GSX-R.  These were produced by Suzuki from 1992-1993.  The next generation Suzuki GSXR came out in 1994.  This era featured a much lighter motorcycle.  Suzuki was able to shave 22 pounds off the bike.  In 1996 Suzuki matched its competitors by switching to an aluminum frame . They completely revised the engine and began dominatiing the AMA Superbike circuit.  Begininng in 1999 the GSXR was responsible for 10 out 11 AMA Superbike champions.  The Suzuki GSXR is one of the most competitive and advanced sport bikes on the market.  Find all your parts and needs for the Suzuki GSXR and other used motorcycle parts on

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