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Motorcycle Parts for Sale – Top 10 Interesting Facts

Posted by Mike Rosenfeld on

One of the first motorcycles ever invented was a French model in 1818 and was powered by a steam engine.

The design originated in Germany but was constructed in France; however, the power plant made the cycle top heavy, so it was never mass produced. In 1868, a German inventor built the Michaux-Pereaux Steam Velocipede which used a series of belts and pulleys to turn the wheels powered by a steam engine. With the development of motorcycles, came the need for replacement parts and the concept of motorcycle parts for sale was born. The early parts included frames which were conveniently dubbed boneshakers due to their lack of suspension. Tire giant Dunlop began producing pneumatic tires in 1888 and Michelin began their production of pneumatic tires in 1895. The Renold Company was the first to offer roller chains for mass production thus rounding out the motorcycle parts for sale required for mass production of the machines. As the motorcycle evolved over time, motorcycle parts for sale also evolved and became more complex. Early versions of the motorcycle were powered by steam engines, and as time went by two and four stroke engines were invented. The new power plants were known as heat engines and were internal combustion designs. The internal combustion engines were only one part of many that would require replacement pieces and so companies began offering motorcycle parts for sale. Harley Davidson was one of the first American companies to begin mass producing motorcycles making Harley parts for sale available for the first time. As time went by, more companies began throwing their hats into the ring including giants, such as, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, BMW, and an affiliate of Harley Davidson, Ducati. Each of the manufacturers continues to offer quality motorcycle parts for sale, enabling customers to maintain the wide range of models they have available. In an effort to offer motorcycle parts for sale without having to purchase them from the manufacturer, aftermarket companies were established. These companies offered OEM Honda CBR parts, Suzuki OEM motorcycle parts and motorcycle parts for sale from other vendors. In addition to aftermarket sources, motorcycle owners were provided with additional avenues for purchasing motorcycle parts for sale. The avenues included salvage yards, where the company collects a number of damaged vehicles, so they can sell the parts individually. Salvage yards carry BMW parts for sale, Yamaha parts for sale, Ducati parts for sale, Suzuki parts for sale and other hard to find bike parts for sale. About The Author: With all of the options available to buy motorcycle parts, repair shops, restoration shops and bike owners have no problem locating the correct motorcycle parts for sale. Safari Cycle is located in Long Beach California and is one of the premiere salvage yards on the west coast. When searching for the ideal part, be sure to visit them on the web at Safari Cycle can be contacted by phone at 562.435.0900 or in person by visiting their location at 1388 Daisy Ave #C Long Beach, CA. 90813.


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