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OEM Honda CBR Parts – Top 7 Selling Products

Posted by Mike Rosenfeld on

Looking to repair or refurbish a Honda CBR and want to locate quality OEM Honda CBR parts without paying a lot of money?

Before buying bike parts for sale from a dealership, take some time and visit a salvage yard because the prices are low, the customer service is outstanding and they have high quality parts for sale, such as, body plastics. Plastics are prone to damage over time from road debris and in most cases accidents where the bike is laid down to prevent further injury. Since body plastics are among the most common OEM Honda CBR parts, salvage yards usually keep multiple years worth in their inventory. Some of the popular plastic OEM Honda CBR parts include the right or left middle fairings. The middle fairing is located between the upper and lower fairings and can be somewhat tough to remove because they often have vacuum lines and other components attached. Other plastic OEM Honda CBR parts include the one piece tail fairing that surrounds the rear seat area and extends to the front of the chassis. The upper fairing encases the front end of the bike and extends across to both mirrors and around the headlights and provides the bike with its own sense of style. Depending on the motorcycles year, the upper fairing will connect with the middle or lower fairing assembly. Plastic OEM Honda CBR parts, such as, the right side and left side covers are designed to act as cosmetic coverings for the battery and other electrical components. Removal of the covers is fairly easy as they provide access to the battery compartment and are meant to be removed. Front and rear fenders are also among the popular plastic OEM Honda CBR parts because they are exposed to road debris and are prone to damage from tire blowouts. Fender replacement procedures may vary depending on the year of the bike, so having proper instructions and tools is necessary. Plastic OEM Honda CBR parts, such as, the rear fairing or race tail are available for purchase and are designed to house the seat assembly. Painted and unpainted undertails attach to the subframe and protect the subframe from becoming damaged. The undertail is often painted to match the main color scheme of the bike. In addition to OEM Honda CBR parts, salvage yards have a wide selection of motorcycle parts for sale. Most yards have Harley parts for sale, BMW parts for sale Yamaha parts for sale, Suzuki parts for sale and Ducati parts for sale. Whatever the brand of motorcycle, finding parts is easier than it used to be with the help of online ordering through the Internet. About The Author: For motorcycle riders that want to buy motorcycle parts including OEM Honda CBR parts and Suzuki OEM motorcycle parts then pay a visit to Safari Cycle. The professionals at Safari cycle are ready and waiting. To order parts or check availability, pay Safari Cycle a visit at or call 562-435-0900 and speak to a live representative.


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