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Suzuki Used Motorcycle Parts - OEM or Aftermarket

Posted by Mike Rosenfeld on

Suzuki used motorcycle parts come in many different shapes and sizes.

The most common debate that people face is the decision between OEM and aftermarket parts. While some people misinterpret ‘aftermarket’ as a term that means performance parts, it also means parts that
were not originally installed on the bike when it was manufactured. OEM refers to parts that are Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, or parts that come from Suzuki directly. If you put an off-brand part on your bike, that’s an aftermarket part. If you use Suzuki parts that were original
to the bike when it was manufactured, that’s using OEM parts. It’s that simple.

            "OEM parts are often seen as too expensive and unnecessary."

 While you don’t need to get OEM Suzuki used motorcycle parts from a dealer or private retailer because they are so expensive, you can still benefit from buying them in other ways. Salvage yards are a great resource for OEM parts because you can get the manufacturer parts that are recommended to guarantee a better operation of your motorcycle, but you will spend much less than if you bought parts new or used from a dealer or Suzuki retailer.

OEM Suzuki and aftermarket Suzuki parts can be found at your local salvage yards to see what kind of parts they have for your repair or restoration needs. You might be surprised to see how many OEM and aftermarket parts you can find at salvage yards for much less than you might
expect to pay.

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  • I am not really familiar with “aftermarket” until I read this post. Thank you for providing very helpful details. For sure, other motorcycle owners would appreciate this.

    Jia Li Lyn on

  • Yes, it’s true. Salvage motorcycle parts can be a great alternative to the new ones. They are cheaper than the parts sold by dealers or retailers. In addition, salvage motorcycle parts can be offered with extra discounts.

    James Cooper on

  • This is a very informative article and particularly helpful to those who cannot decide between OEM and aftermarket parts. I know now where to go when my bike needs restoration!

    Chris L. Brown on

  • Thanks guys! Great article. Simple and clear. Aftermarket motorcycle parts can be a cheaper alternative to OEM parts. Will definitely drop by to see what you have!

    Jennifer Teal on

  • This is a very helpful post. I always prefer OEM over aftermarket parts because of quality and performance. Salvage yards are like goldmine, you can see a lot of valuable parts there.

    James Barnes on

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