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Used Motorcycle Parts Kawasaki - 4 Things to Know

Posted by Mike Rosenfeld on

Kawasaki is one of the most popular motorcycle brands today.

The company started in the 1960s and has become a leader in street bike racing and creating innovative designs. They use technology to the fullest to create some of the best bikes available. When you are looking for used motorcycle parts, Kawasaki will not disappoint. They have something for just about everyone, no matter what you might be looking for. However, before you buy used motorcycle parts, Kawasaki has a lot of interesting tidbits that you should know about. Here are 4 things that you probably didn’t know about the company and their motorcycle parts: Kawasaki started making motorcycles in 1962, and only did so to publicize their heavy industries. This company was fairly large, but also wasn’t known to the general public much at all, until motorcycle production started. -Kawasaki is also responsible for making spaceships. If they have technology to make space-worthy vehicles, you can bet that their bikes are at the top of the industry. -While Kawasaki is known for their green motorcycles and street bikes, they do sell models in other colors. Black and green are still the most popular, but there are some with blue, red, and other colors as well. -Kawasaki established its American division in 1966 in an old meat warehouse located in Chicago, IL. The company had nothing when it first started, but had created a successful reputation in the motorcycle industry by 1973.  

Whenever you are shopping for used motorcycle parts, Kawasaki is a company that

you can depend on to find what you need.

Even though the company didn’t initially start with a passion for creating motorcycles and high performance bikes, they developed that passion over time and became a leader in the industry. They are committed to all of their customers and focused on providing the best support, parts, and bikes available today. Kawasaki is easily a leading force in the street bike and sport bike industry, but they also make many other vehicles and power sports equipment, including ATVs, watercraft, and utility vehicles. The company still maintains its focus on motorcycles and finding the used motorcycle parts that you need will never be difficult as long as you are working with a leader like this. Kawasaki is a billion-dollar corporation today, but they still have the same respect and service that started the company and helped it become successful nearly half a century ago.   About Safari Cycle Salvage & Used Kawasaki Motorcycle Parts: If you’re shopping for used motorcycle parts, Kawasaki is not the company you should contact immediately. There are cheaper alternatives like motorcycle salvage yards such as Safari Cycle Salvage, the largest Los Angeles motorcycle salvage yard in the area.  Safari Cycle Salvage specializes in used motorcycle parts for all types of motorcycles.  For more information, visit  


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  • Thank you! This is an interesting article about Kawasaki. I have been checking out your site over the past few months, and I really like the content here.

    Jennifer Teal on

  • Great post. Because Kawasaki is one of the leading motorcycle manufacturers, looking for used Kawasaki parts in your area will not be a problem. You can get extra discounts easily in salvage yards too.

    James Barnes on

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  • Kawasaki is one of the leading motorcycle brands, and this article provided helpful info about this brand. Nice article!

    Francis Valdez on

  • Thank you for this comprehensive bits of information about Kawasaki. I am a Kawasaki fan myself, and this helped me understand Kawasaki better.

    Alan Chang on

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