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History of Yamaha Royal Star Tour Deluxe

Posted by Chris Rose on

By the 1990’s, Yamaha was seeing unprecedented success in the motorcycle industry. From the original 125cc two-cylinder to the 350cc two-stroke twin, every bike they had built was surefire gold and a huge hit amongst Japanese bike riders. However, there was still one segment of the motorsports industry that Yamaha had yet to tap: The American cruiser circuit. This lead to the development of the Yamaha Star series, an American re-brand of their ever-popular cruiser.

The Yamaha Royal Star was the first of the Star series introduced. This traditional cruiser was highly reminiscent of the Indian Motorcycle’s body and style. It combined a big V-four from the original Venture Royale along with traditional and favorable styling. This style would carry through to the Royal Star Venture and the Royal Star Tour Deluxe motorcycles in the series.

In 1997, Yamaha introduced the crowd favorite, Royal Star Tour Deluxe, completing the nightmarish trio for competitors across the board. The Royal Star Tour Deluxe borrows heavily from the Royal Star Venture frame but eliminates the fairing, trunk, and radio system of the Venture. The Royal Star Deluxe comes in two packages-standard and S- which refers to the different paint jobs available and the differences in the front forks. It is also considerably larger than its counterparts, making it the perfect end to a series of classic bikes.

The Yamaha Royal Star Tour Deluxe is a favorite amongst Yamaha enthusiasts and restorers. If you’re trying to restore an older model Royal Star Tour Deluxe, it’s relatively easy to find motorcycle salvage parts online for that bike. For more information on bikes and parts, be sure to check out Safari Cycle’s blog or website.


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